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We have powerfull Web Based WMS Application with GRV, Bulk Picking, Stock Taking, Item Movement and So on. Our WMS Application will work in any platfrom from Normal Barcode Scanner to Android based Barcode scanner.

Stock handling is one of the major issues faced by every small, medium and Large size company in the world. Almost all Warehouses are handled by Semi Skilled or Unskilled labor’s to put/take the items from Bin Locations in the warehouse. Accuracy of handling goods is missing. WMS(Warehouse Management Systems) with Barcoding techniques are the only option available to solve almost 90% problems of all warehouses.

Our WMS Process involves the below steps.

1. Making Purchases Order

2. Receiving goods and GRV will be prepared through the system. Barcode scanners will be used to place the goods into proper bins in the room and BIN BARCODE NUMBERS will be attached to each product received in GRV.

3. Sales orders(SO’s) will be received and entered into the system. We may get orders for the same product from multiple customers. Here we are using “Bulk Picking Process” which will consolidate the products from Multiple Sales orders so that the Picker will go only once to take one item instead of going for each Sales Orders. The picker will be forced to take the goods after Barcoding BIN BARCODE NUMBER. If the Barcoding matches with the system, then the picker is allowed to take the goods to the Sorting Area.

4. Finally, the system will allocate all products based on the Route and give a final report. The products will be sorted in the sorting area and will be loaded to the Truck for Delivery. The system will give individual Delivery Orders (DO’s) for each SO’s Received from the customer.

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