INET ERP integrated applications consists of Manufacturing, Inventory and Point of Sales (POS), Fixed Assets, Payroll , Accounting, E-Filing and so on. When compared to other ERP applications, INET is User friendly, Robust and Customized. We have clients in UAE, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Kazakhstan, Russia, Pakistan and so on. We also provide Web based systems which can be accessed from Laptops, I-Pad and any other smart devices.

Whenever a Quotation is approved by the customer, a Sales Order (SO) will be created with the Items required. If all the required quantity of the Items in the SO is available, Delivery Order is prepared and delivered to the Customer Then the Invoice is created and the total amount is debited to Customer account and it will come under Accounts Receivables if the payment type is of Credit.

On the other hand if the required Items are not available in the Inventory, a Purchase Order(PO) is made and sent to the concerned Supplier and will come under Payables in Accounts. After receiving the Items GRV is made against the received Items and Delivery Order is prepared and delivered to Customer.

Goods can be delivered to the customers in two ways.

1.Based on Customer Order : Goods can be delivered to the Customers based on SO prepared.
2.Based on Trip : A number of SOs can be combined based on a Trip i.e., based on Customer Area.
E.g. If 5 customers are residing in same or surrounding area, the SOs of these custom ers can be combined in a Trip sheet and will be delivered.