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Payroll system handles the Attendance details and Salary of the employees working in a concern. Salary computation is based on Attendance, Overtime (OT), permissions, late hours, sick leaves, annual leaves, loans, deductions and so on.

Payroll calendar Master is first updated with the working days, Fridays/Sundays and holidays. Based on this info attendance is processed daily for all employees. Leave details for the employees are calculated using the leave transactions.

Total working hours can is calculated based on the no of hours worked and it is calculated from the swiping machines. OT, permissions and late hours are calculated automatically from the start and end time of swipingas.

Attendance / Leave

Sick leaves and annual leaves allowed for an employee is based on the rules mentioned in rule book. Loans and other deductions such as late hours, accommodation, transport, penalties and so on are also deducted from the employee salary if any exist.


Commissions, Fixed Allowances like HRA, DA and other allowances will be added with the Current month computed salary.